Templates and Cases

Templates are the building blocks of the ByCommittee Promotion and Tenure program. They allow Administrators to create a standardized, repeatable process for all review cases in their institution, colleges, schools, and department. Templates save details like packet requirements and steps of review for the entire faculty action process.

A template is created and saved at a unit level (a college, school, or department), which limits where that it can be later used. For example, when a template is assigned to the institution-level unit, it will be available to the entire institution. When a template is assigned to a college-level unit, it will be available to that college and the departments beneath it in the hierarchy. When a template is assigned to a department, it will only be available in that department.

Once you create a template, you can use it to build individual cases for a candidate without having to remember or repeat the standardized process at your institution, college, or department.; however, because it is possible to modify any template to fit specific information for a candidate, you can think of a case as a customized template. All of the components of a template can be changed or edited to fit the needs of a particular individual’s promotion and tenure review process.

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