We know reviews in higher education involve a large number of documents that have to be reviewed by different individuals and groups at different times. That’s why we’ve made it easier to organize documents and control who can see what, at any given time.

Initially, all of the documents associated with a case are broken into three different categories: committee documents, candidate documents, and external evaluations. As an Administrator, you have the ability to rename the default packet sections, and add or remove sections to or from this list. You can also determine which documents are stored in which category and reorder documents within a document group.

For each document within one of those three categories, you can control who can see and download each individual document. If you only want Administrators to be able to read evaluations from external scholars, but still want everyone on the committee to be able to see the candidate’s publications then you can create those setting. Or maybe, you want to allow the entire committee to read just one specific external evaluation and not give them access to the other letters? That’s possible, too.

Once a packet is submitted by the candidate and it's in a committee for a review, Administrators and Committee Managers can add sections and documents to the packet that are not visible to the candidate. For instance, Admins and Committee Managers can add sections and upload documents for internal and/or committee use such as committee notes, meeting notes, final recommendations, or other documents being produced at the institution or received from outside sources.

Changes made to the packet are saved and passed forward to the next committee, which has the same abilities to create and edit packet sections and documents. If a case gets sent back a step, it will retain any changes that have been made to the packet.

Remember that anything uploaded by a committee is not seen by a candidate, and evaluators are not able to add, reorder, or edit sections and documents.

The following articles will explain how to set access for documents in ByCommittee P&T.

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