Letter Writer's Guide to Interfolio

This article explains how to fulfill a letter request through interfolio.

Submitting a Recommendation to Interfolio

If a job applicant has requested that you submit a letter of recommendation via Interfolio, you can do so without an account, or you can create a free Interfolio Letter Writer account to quickly and easily upload and manage your letters.

When an applicant requests a letter through interfolio, we will send you a recommendation request via email.

The email will include:

  • The applicant's name and email address
  • Due date for your recommendation (if any)
  • A message from the applicant (if any)
  • A document reference number and link to Interfolio's support desk

Click "View Details" to learn more about the request.

Submitting a Recommendation to Interfolio

This will direct you to a page where you can accept or decline the request for a letter of recommendation. The page lists basic information about the request and links to any attachments sent by the letter requester. Please make note if a signature is required for your letter. See here for more information on adding a digital signature to your letter.

If you click "Accept" you will be taken to a page where you can upload your letter. Simply drag and drop or load a file of your document and click "Submit."

Note that you have the option to change your mind about submitting a recommendation up until the time that you actually upload the document.

You will see a confirmation screen thanking you for submitting your letter. We also give you the option to create a free Interfolio account that will make it even easier to store and send confidential letters of recommendation with us in the future. Click "Activate Now" to set up your free Interfolio account. If you already have an active Interfolio account, you will see a "Sign In" button here instead.

If you decline the request for a letter, your decision will appear as an update in the Interfolio account of the person who made the request. Note that you can come back to this page if you change your mind and decide to submit a recommendation. Just open the request email and click "View Details" to return to this page where you can click "I've changed my mind and will submit a recommendation."

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