View an Applicant's Profile

Each applicant to a position in ByCommittee Faculty Search has a profile page where Evaluators can access the applicant's application materials and if settings allow, assign ratings and leave comments. This article explains how to access the Applicant profile page.

Select "View Positions" on your Faculty Search Account Dashboard

Select "View Positions" on your Faculty Search Account Dashboard

Click the position title

Click applicant's name to open the Applicant Profile page

From the Applicant Profile you can:

Add labels and notes, and share an application (if permissions allow)

  1. Click the "plus" sign to add labels to an application
  2. You can add, and update application notes, hiring notes, and offer details
  3. Click the "forward" icon to share the application via email
  4. To email the applicant, select the envelope icon

Add ratings and comments and view the comments and ratings left by others (if permissions allow)

  1. Rate applicants using a simple 5-star scale
  2. View a summary of ratings entered by your colleagues (this feature may be disabled by an administrator)
  3. Enter and edit comments on an application
  4. View comments of other committee members if allowed

Access documents

Applicant's uploaded materials appear under the "Documents" heading.

  • Click "Read" to load all documents into the Document Viewer
  • Click "Download" to save a copy of all documents in a single PDF
  • Click the title of any individual document to download a PDF copy
  • Committee Managers and Administrators in the program may see an "Add" button allowing them to upload documents on behalf of the applicant
  • You can also mark when all required documents have been uploaded to an application (to the top right of the document queue

View responses to Application Forms

Responses to Application Forms display at the bottom of the page along with a link to view application reports.

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