Upload Letters to an Online Application System

Many institutions use online application systems. In some cases, the system will ask for your letter writer's contact information so they can email a confidential link to upload a letter to the website. If this is a requirement, you can input an Interfolio-generated email address ("document email address") in place of your letter writer’s email. This will allow Interfolio to upload the letter directly to the application without bothering your letter writer. We refer to these as "Online Application Deliveries." This article will show you how to upload letters to an online application system.

Remember, that in order to upload a letter to an online application system, you must first have the letter in your Dossier account. See here for more information on requesting a letter of recommendation through Interfolio.

For medical and dental school applicants: if you're applying to AACOMAS or AADSAS, then this article will explain how to upload letters to the online application systems you will use. If you're applying to AMCAS or TMDSAS, then delivery instructions can be found here:

Using Interfolio to Deliver Letters of Recommendation to AMCAS

Using Interfolio to Deliver Letters of Recommendation to TMDSAS

1. Request a letter from your letter writer

If you have not already requested a letter through Interfolio, you will need to follow the directions here on how to Request Letters of Recommendation Using Your Interfolio Account.

2. Check you Dossier to make sure the letter has already been uploaded to your account

Letters that have not been received cannot be used in an online application delivery because they won't have a document email address yet.

If you need to request a new recommendation click the "Request Recommendation" button and follow the prompts

When your recommendation comes in it will appear in your Dossier and you can continue with the instructions below.

See here if you need detailed instructions on how to request letters of recommendation through your Interfolio account.

3. Find the letter in your Dossier and click the title of the document

4. Copy the "Document Email" address

The "Document Email" address will appear toward the bottom of the window, you may need to scroll down to find it.

Copy the "Document Email" address

5. In your online application, paste the document email address in place of your recommender's email to direct the letter request to Interfolio, rather than your letter writer

Note: If your application asks for supplemental information in additional to your recommendation (i.e. ratings, rankings, or additional commentary), Interfolio will attempt to skip these fields or select "n/a" to opt-out of these questions. Interfolio cannot complete any rankings or custom fields on behalf of your letter writers unless an "n/a" option is provided. If no "n/a" option is provided, Interfolio will cancel your delivery and credit your account for the cost of the delivery.

6. When Interfolio is contacted by the institution, we will create a new delivery for each letter requested by the application

These deliveries will appear listed as "Deliveries Awaiting Payment" on the "Mail, Email & External Applications" tab of your deliveries page.

7. You’ll receive an email from Interfolio to alert you of your new delivery requests

You’ll receive an email from Interfolio to alert you of your new delivery requests

8. Navigate to "Applications" to pay for and complete your online application delivery

Navigate to "Applications" to pay for and complete your online application delivery

9. Click "Edit" to review or change your deliveries -or- select the deliveries you want to "Checkout"

10. Confirm your online application delivery and click "Proceed to Payment"

11. Pay for your delivery

It takes 1-3 business days for us to upload your documents to the online application system after you check out. If you’re worried about missing your application deadline, email us at or call 877-997-8807 to let us know and we can try to expedite your delivery upload.

Note: Some applications require additional information (performance ratings, rankings, etc.) that we cannot provide on behalf of your writer. We will cancel your deliveries and contact you if we encounter any application questions that we cannot answer or bypass.

Pay for your delivery

Why hasn't my online application delivery been created yet?

Occasionally, online application requests from third party application systems do not reach Interfolio. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • The application hasn't processed your letter writer data yet, and therefore hasn't sent us a request yet
  • The document email address was entered incorrectly
  • A special character (like an accent) is preventing us from processing the email request correctly
  • An error occurred within the third-party application

What you should do:

  1. Contact us immediately at to let us know. We may be able to match an orphan request received by our server to your account
  2. If we can't match your request with your account, we will ask you to try to re-request the letter on the application system  
  3. If you can't re-request a letter, Interfolio will need to contact the receiving institution to figure out the best way to resolve the situation

Note: Please monitor your pending deliveries closely and let us know if you’re expecting a delivery that hasn’t come in yet.

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