How do I request Letters of Recommendation through Interfolio?

You can request letters of recommendation from letter writers directly through your Interfolio account. When you send a new request, your letter writer will receive instructions (via email or a printed form, whichever you prefer) with all the information they need to upload or mail their letter to Interfolio.

Note: If you have a copy of your letter of recommendation, it can be uploaded as the document type “Other Document”.

Follow these instructions to request a new letter of recommendation through Interfolio.

Click the Request Recommendation link on your Account page

-or- from your Dossier page

Fill out required fields, title your document, and indicate due date

  • We need the name and email address of your recommender so we can be sure to verify the document when it is received.
  • Give your document a title so you can easily identify it when it appears in your Dossier.
  • Indicate a due date for the benefit of your recommender.

Indicate signature requirement and whether or not the request is for a confidential letter of recommendation

  • Note whether or not the letter requires a signature—most letters do.
  • Important: To ensure confidentiality, don't forget to indicate whether or not you are requesting a confidential letter of recommendation.
  • By requesting a confidential document, you acknowledge that you waive all rights of access to this letter.

You have two options for requesting your letter

After you click Continue, you are taken to a screen where you can choose how to send your letter request.

Select "Email" if you want the request to be emailed to your recommender

  1. Enter the email address of your letter writer.
  2. You’ll have the option to include your CV and other supporting documents from your Dossier.
  3. You can also let your writer know if this is a general recommendation or needs to be tailored for a specific opportunity. 
  4. You can include a link to an online announcement, or copy and paste a text desciption of the opportunity to which you are applying.
  5. You have the option to add a message to your recommender. This note will be included in the request email.

Select "Printed Form" if your recommender will be sending a hard copy of your letter directly to Interfolio

After sending your request, you will be able to download a cover sheet to provide to your letter writer

This cover sheet MUST be attached to your letter when when it is submitted to Interfolio.

Note: If you’d like to send the request as an attachment to a personal email, and not via Interfolio, you can save the printed form as a PDF and include it with a personal note to your writer directly from your email address. 

Review and send your request

  • It's a good idea to check back over your request. Remember, you cannot edit a request after we email your letter writer.  
  • Once you hit send, you should see a confirmation message showing your email was sent or giving you the option to print the document request form
  • Your Documents page should now display your newly made request as a pending document, with the status Not Received (See Dossier Glossary of Terms)

Note: Occasionally, these letter requests will go to your recommender’s spam folder. If you need to resend your request, click the Resend button next to this request on your Documents page.

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