Request Letters of Recommendation Using Your Interfolio Account

You can request letters of recommendation from letter writers directly through your Interfolio account. When you send a new request, your letter writer will receive instructions (via email or a printed form, whichever you prefer) with all the information they need to upload or mail their letter to Interfolio.

If you are applying to a position listed with our ByCommittee service, see here: Apply to a Job or Fellowship Opportunity Listed with ByCommittee

Follow these instructions to request a new letter of recommendation through Interfolio.

If you already have a copy of your letter of recommendation, it can be uploaded to your account as the document type “Other Document”.

Click "Manage Dossier"

Click "Request Recommendation"

Fill out the "General Information" section of the request form and indicate if this is a request for confidential letter

  • We need the name and email address of your recommender so we can be sure to verify the document when it is received.
  • Give your document a title so you can easily identify it when it appears in your Dossier.
  • Important: To ensure confidentiality, don't forget to indicate whether or not you are requesting a confidential letter of recommendation. Note that by requesting a confidential document, you acknowledge that you waive all rights of access to the letter you are requesting.

Select the request method (email or print) that you will use to request the recommendation

If you choose to email the request:

Enter information that will be provided to your recommender when viewing and submitting your request

  • Provide a due date for when you need the recommendation.
  • You can include your C.V. (from your Dossier) for the convenience of your letter writer.
  • You can also attach any other documents from your Dossier the writer might find useful.
  • Specify if this is a general recommendation or a recommendation for a specific opportunity.
  • Provide a a website address or text description of the opportunity for which you are applying.
  • You can also add a message to your letter writer that will accompany your request for a recommendation.

Note: Some opportunities require a digital signature on letters of recommendation submitted electronically. Please let your letter writer know if your opportunity specifically requires a signature for a letter of recommendation. We have an article available for your recommender with information on how to add a digital signature to a letter. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that a document has been signed, so make sure to get in touch with your letter writer if a signature is required.

Click "Preview" to preview your message

The preview shows how your request will appear in the inbox of your letter writer

The preview shows how your request will appear in the inbox of your letter writer

Click "Send Request" when you are ready

Note: It's a good idea to check back over your request. Remember, you cannot edit a request after we email the request to your letter writer.  

You will see a confirmation screen when you have successfully requested your recommendation

Once you hit send, you should see a confirmation message showing your email was sent. Your letter writer will receive an email containing the info you provided with your request, along with instructions for submitting the completed document to Interfolio.

If you choose to send a print request:

Select "Print Request Form" and click "Complete Request"

Click "Download Request Form," to download and print a cover sheet (pdf) to give to your letter writer  

You will need to download a cover sheet and give it your letter writer. After the letter is mailed to us, we will check it, scan it in, and upload it your Dossier where it will available for you to use.

Requests will appear in your Dossier with the status "Requested" until we receive the letter

Requests will appear on your Dossier Materials page with the status "Requested" until we receive the letter

If you need to resend a request

Click the title of the requested document

 If you need to resend a request, click the title of the requested document to open it

Click "Resend Request" at the bottom of the "Edit Document" window

We will resend the original letter request to your letter writer with a link to submit your letter of recommendation.

You may need to make sure your letter writer checks their spam folder. To ensure delivery, the letter writer can add to their contacts.

Click "Resend Request" to send a new request electronically

If you need to resend a request in printed form, click the dropdown on the "Resend Request" button and select "Download Cover Sheet"

To send a paper request, click the dropdown arrow and select "Download Cover Sheet"
Print the downloaded document request form and send it to your letter writer

Your letter writer will need to include this form as a cover sheet when they mail the recommendation to Interfolio. Once we receive you recommendation we will scan it and upload it to your Dossier where it will be available for you use.

If you choose "Paper," you can download a printed form to send to your writer requesting a letter of recommendation
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