Dossier Glossary of Terms

Document Statuses

Requested – Your letter writer has been sent a request for a recommendation, and we are waiting for them to accept or deny the request.

Accepted – Your request for a recommendation has been accepted by your requester, but we have not yet received the document.

Declined – The letter writer has declined your request for a recommendation.

Received – Your document has been received and stored in your account – it’s ready to go! 

Application and Delivery Statuses

Pending – You’ve started your application/delivery, but we’re waiting for you to complete the check out process before we can send it.

Waiting for Processing – You’ve completed the delivery checkout process and it’s in queue to be processed by our fulfillment team. 

Processing - Our staff is currently performing a quality check of the documents included in your delivery.

Shipped – Your delivery passed our fulfillment team’s quality checks and has been sent to the receiving institution.

Cancelled – Your delivery was cancelled, and we’ve credited your account for the cost of the delivery.

ByCommittee Application Statuses

Pending - You’ve started your application, but have not submitted any materials. 

Submitted (Incomplete) - You've sent a partially-complete application to the committee, showing your intent to apply. If an "edit" option is present, you can continue adding materials and making changes to your application.

Submitted (Complete) - You've submitted your application and fulfilled all application requirements. If an "edit" option is present, you can still make changes to your application.

Delivery Types

Electronic - There are two different types of electronic deliveries:

  1. Deliveries to Osteopathic medical programs, AMCAS, TMDSAS, and smaller hiring positions are a few examples. These deliveries cost $6 per institution, regardless of the number of documents included, and you can send as many deliveries as you like to the same institution for no additional charge.
  2. The receiving institution is using Interfolio’s ByCommittee product to manage their search. All deliveries to ByCommittee positions are free for Dossier users.

Email – Send your materials to an email address that is authorized to receive application materials for a specific position or search.

Mail – Interfolio offers a variety of paper mailing options to meet your needs including USPS First Class, Priority, and International, and FedEx 2-day, Overnight, and Express International.

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