What is Interfolio's Dossier?

Interfolio’s Dossier product provides you with one centralized account to collect, store, and deliver materials for admission to graduate school, jobs in higher education, and other academic and professional opportunities. Since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of applicants navigate stressful application processes so they can focus on looking their best in front of admissions offices and hiring committees.

You can use your account to store application materials such as recommendations, your CV, evaluations, and writing samples.  You can request confidential letters of recommendation through your Dossier account, which allows your writers to electronically upload or mail their letter directly to Interfolio to scan and upload. This process can save your letter writers from needing to send your letter to multiple institutions.

All documents are stored in your account, uploaded through one process, and managed completely by you. There are certain documents, such as confidential recommendations, that require you to waive your rights of access, but you have complete control over when and where all of your documents are sent.

Once you’ve compiled all of your application materials, Interfolio helps you send them to any institution or opportunity to which you are applying. Whether electronically through Interfolio’s ByCommittee service, via email to an institutional HR or committee chair’s email address, or via hard copy to a physical address, our Dossier service provides the flexibility for you to apply in whatever manner your institutions require.

As part of your use of Interfolio’s Dossier Service, you also get access to our Portfolio product (What is Interfolio's Portfolio Product?) giving you a place to share your work online.

Along the way, you have full access to Interfolio’s fantastic Support Team. We’re here to serve as advocates for you throughout the application process. If you have questions about the Interfolio product, or about anything at all Interfolio related, give us a call at (877) 997-8807 or shoot us an email at 

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