What is Interfolio’s Portfolio?

Interfolio’s Portfolio product works hand in hand with your Interfolio Dossier to allow you to create a public profile of your personal and academic accomplishments.  Using documents from your Dossier or through additional pages you create, you may annotate your accomplishments in ways that are meaningful to you and your audience. For example, you might link to your syllabi when listing the courses you have taught, and present pre-print or open access copies of articles when listing your personal bibliography.

Having an up-to-date online presence can give you the edge in academic competitions. Using Interfolio’s Portfolio product is an easy way to create a professional online profile supplemented with information contained in your Dossier. Portfolio lets you provide colleagues and potential employers with essential information about you and your accomplishments, and gives you a place to talk more extensively about these achievements without cluttering the traditional CV display.

Your Portfolio can be your public face when you are applying to graduate school, on the academic job market, or up for tenure and promotion. The kind of material you include will depend on where you are in your academic career; for example:

Applying to Graduate Programs

If you are applying to graduate programs, you can use Portfolio to highlight your academic and co-curricular achievements. Include information about your current education and what you plan to do in graduate school. You can even use your Portfolio to showcase your best papers and presentations.

On the Academic Job Market

Applying for an academic job means submitting a large amount of information to many different places.  But how do you make sure a search committee notices your best features? You can use Portfolio to bring the committee’s attention to what sets you apart from other candidates. Portfolio also gives you a way to link to audio, video, and other interactive material that can be cumbersome to include in a traditional application package.

Tenure and Promotion

By the time you are up for tenure or promotion, you will have amassed an impressive body of work. Your challenge will be to present that material in a way that lets a committee quickly see the valuable contributions you have made to your department, your institution, and to your field. Portfolio helps you highlight the best aspects of your research, teaching, and service. 

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