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Creating and Managing Users and Units

Jack Gaynor
posted this on July 18, 2013 10:37 PM


Institutional Administrator and Committee Manager users are easily able to add new users to the system through your ByCommittee account. You will always be able to add users in a role that is equal or lesser to yours in permissions (i.e. Institutional Administrators can create other Institutional Administrators, but a Committee Manager can not), within schools, colleges, or departments to which you have access. 

Adding New Users

To add a new user, you can click the "Add New User" link in the "Common Tasks" section of the Administration page. You're also able to add new users from the main "Users" screen. You'll be prompted to provide some really basic information, including first name, last name, and e-mail address. Once entered, click "Save" to proceed:


Once added, you'll be taken to the standard "Edit User" screen, where you can determine the role that this new user will have. If your account has access to multiple schools or departments, you will also have the ability to determine which unit(s) the new user can access.

Editing and Managing Users

From the "Users" portion of the Administration section of your account, you're always able to view a complete list of users, while being able to edit information for any of them. 


Clicking on an individual user's name will take you to the "Edit User" screen. You're able to make changes to their name, email address, and user roles. Additionally, if you ever need to remove access for anyone in your list, it's as simple as clicking the "Remove" button.


Note: Institutional Administrators only. 

As an Institutional Administrator, you're able to not only create and manage users, but also create additional "units," which will typically represent individual departments or colleges on campus. 

Adding New Units 

To add a new unit to your institution's account, navigate to the "Administration" section of your ByCommittee account and click the "Users" link. One of the options here will be a button to "Manage Units."


 From there, you'll see a list of existing units to which you have access. 



To add a new unit, you can simply click the orange "Add Unit" button and enter a name for the unit and determine where that department, program, or school should live in your instance of ByCommittee.